June 30, 2017

Welcome to the revolution of currencies!


This site is dedicated to serve as a source for information about cryptocurrencies and the environment they operate in. Our mission is to lead a random page-stumbler through a somewhat complicated maze, giving tools to handle cryptocurrencies with skill by yourself. The main focus will be on a promising new project called HEAT.

Cryptocurrencies, what are they?

As an innovative part of nature we have used various assets in trading for ages. During the cultural evolution the assets have changed from skins to metal, metal to paper, paper to digital currency and finally into a new revolutionary currency called cryptos. Digital currencies have been around since the banking system got computerized and the internet provided a platform for digital transactions. The new revolution has taken on the challenge to build blockchains that will decentralize power structures like central banks and provide advantages like better safety, supreme speed profitable network maintainance. The first one, BitCoin, has been a real gamechanger and still holds foot as the #1 cryptocurrency.

Advantages as a consumer and merchant?

As a form of payment there are many advantages to consumers and merchants. Identity thefts or frauds are less likely to occur because transactions in the blockchain are irreversable. The transactions are almost instantaneous and the fees are smaller than in ordinary money transfers. Even though the list of advantages goes on, only these will already make it more profitable to run a business.

Cryptocurrencies usually have a planned total amount which helps the value to be sustainable.