The ease of an in-wallet-exchange.

The feature a good cryptocoin needs

One of the more anticipated features of HEAT is the built-in Asset Exchange. This decentralized, real-time mean of trade is made possible by a replication layer mirroring live events. These events are processed and end up as transactions in the following generated block. A more specific technical description can be read in the published white paper.

This intuitive exchange makes the whole HEAT-adoption process much easier for a new user. Whereas a traditional registration to 3rd party exchanges has been required, users can now navigate to github and download the latest release of the local client, or use the web wallet to start acquiring HEAT.

After being released as a functioning concept, the Asset Exchange has gained popularity, dominating the HEAT trade versus 3rd party exchanges. As defense for other parties, the integration-phase is not yet complete, but in the eyes of a HEAT-user, the in-wallet feature will maintain its favoured place.