IGNIS token presale continues with cheap batches on Heat Asset Exchange

Heat Ledger Ltd announced a distribution of affordable batches on the presale market of IGNIS IOU’s. An official countdown for next release can be found at getignis.com. The IGNIS market is traded as a HEAT/IGNIS pair so in order to get some IGNIS you have to deposit BTC into the Asset Exchange, buy a heap of HEAT and wait for the release of cheap tokens. With two hours to the first release the orderbook has already been filled with bids over the guaranteed minimum price level. There is definitely an interest taken in the token sale.





The release itself will be like a market dump at a beforehand given point of time. Highest bids will be filled at first hand. Heat Ledger has stated that there will be at least 4 more batches like these.

The token itself is backed up by the company NXT holdings that will be credited (IGNIS) in the ARDOR-snapshot later this year. IGNIS IOU’s can be withdrawn from the exchange when the ARDOR/IGNIS blockchain is released.

More info on the official IGNIS ICO at jelurida.com/ico.