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The HEAT Ledger Exchange and Microservices


The biggest challenge with massive adoption of blockchain technology is found in its engineering. Although institutions working to utilize this technology are growing exponentially, they are in reality challenging to develop. Major institutional change can often take decades to reach that fundamental tipping point where it is seen as the new normal. So the real key is making blockchain technology accessible to companies who can really use it but cannot afford their own group of developers.

This is where microservices comes into play. It is pre-coded commands that allow companies to save time and avoid hiring costly highly skilled developers. Now you can hire someone with basic coding knowledge who can employ microservices to provide the coding foundation. I like to think of myself as handy around the house, but the reality is I don’t know how to build one from the ground up. Microservices provides the foundation and the frame, I just need to decide what color to paint it.



Now instead of months or even years of work, there is a simple solution to make blockchain accessible. I can add layers on top of it, customize it, or simply use the most basic features. I get the benefits of a system built on immutable trust, and developed on a proven and reliable blockchain. Nobody in my company needs a PhD in computer science with a major in economics to put my business on the cutting edge of technology.

With any new addition to a business or a company like Heat Ledger Ltd. you must be able to make revenue. So the first question is who needs a readymade solution to accessing blockchain? I can make an argument that anyone who wants to be able to: provide transparency and immutability, faster transactions, and lower transaction costs can benefit. That is a lot of companies, which is a lot of potential business, and a lot of revenue streams. Imagine this taking place on HEAT blockchain. This will increase the demand for HEAT as it is needed to process transaction fees; this in turn has the potential to bring more companies and businesses to the exchange. The community wants more liquidity, more transactions, and results on the road map. This is one of the several ways the team at Heat Ledger Ltd. is looking to deliver.

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– article written by theroryshow