HEAT block rewards with profit up to 7%, 3rd party exchange integration and a community-based lottery.

It has been a fine week for HEAT. A long waited stable release landed in GitHub re-enabling block rewards for a drooling network of nodes. During the wait for block 232000 to arrive, a steady rise of the price and volume pushed HEAT into the top90 coins on coinmarketcap.com, breaking a daily trade volume of $30000.

As rewarded mining began the network saw almost a doubling of online nodes reaching a still increasing amount of 140. After 1,5 days of mining the monthly profit has stabilized to an average of 7% with just under half of the coins in circulation mining. The profit is expected to hold at a range of 6-7%. This makes the coin very profitable and taking into careful consideration there might be a rise of value ahead, while the project just have launched. The mining statistics can be thoroughly followed at www.heatbrowser.com/report.html.

Ever since ICO, three 3rd party exchanges have been participating in the project and finally an integration of the HEAT wallet was established by c-cex.com. The other two exchanges, alcurex.com and openledger.info have been handling withdrawals manually. The integration of c-cex lead to a leveling of the price and a HEAT token is now worth about $0.17.

The growing HEAT-community is engaging in various projects, one of them being “the lucky node-lottery”. Anyone running a HEAT node can participate in the automatic hourly draw. The lottery is estimated to give a monthly payout of $7.49/node. The lottery is ran by donations from the community and you can visit the lottery home page at heatnodes.org where statistics of the nodes and draws are displayed. On the page you can also find a thorough guide on how to set up a node.